Hy Libre!

& Each Day In Church We Meet, Sing Together, And Curse Our Beloved God
and other assorted word games and stories
a role-playing game
a non-game with over 50 unique cards!
playable poem-games about Greek heroines
an Anti-Sisyphus for Kids (especially you)
A thread-making game.
an esoteric ritual
a microgame anthology about meeting fantasy halfway
a cat-drawing game that fits on a business card
an essay and heap of game parts inspired by a conversation
A TroikaJam supplement made with minimal knowledge of the game.
A poetry-making game with made-up words, and some accompanying poems.
Play to learn how to heal a follower, and see whether you can.
A solo writing game about poetry and survival.
Avant-garde games about interpretation, emotion, and reclamation.

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