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So if you played this game, I really want to see your corpse poem(s). You should write them here or on Twitter (@bigstuffedcat)


Jeer, jesters, jeer justly.

Janissaries, jaegers, jarls - judge.

Jackdaws jabber, 

Jackals jaw,

Jesters… jest.

This is an evocative poem. I get that the repeated "j" wasn't completely your choice, but it adds a lovely rhythm and punchiness that matches the jabbering and jeering nicely.

BUILDINGS: earth-breaking, split, stop, dying
CAMPFIRE: fever, dive, double, seeds
WILD ANIMALS: care, teeth, killing
CORPSES: split, dying
the place where people have lived,
where they dreamed, the great Split changed this
now they're eternaly dying
both song of hearth and earth breaking
a few people around the forgotten fire
did they fall for Dad
did they dive into Fate
following the seeds, they feed it
what a strange kitty, quiet and quick
hidden in tea store, stays wild and tensile
dear Steven, my deadly one, surely spectrum now
do you stay, do somewhat someone survive
surprise me, i said survive, you said.
so i'm standing in the middle of strangers.
dear you dying dove diving down and down.

I guess I didn't understand at first, then I tried to follow the rules!